For more audio apetisers look no further than within [This page was last worked on On the 18th of Septembre 2023]

Under construction!!!!!

Aren't we all a bit?

Anyway, Hi I'm Raven and this is the first website I've built, cool I'snt it :3

Well this page was built with the help of Sadgrl's layout builder so it should be a bit cleaner than if I'd done it all myself

Here you can find a guide for the layout builder which goes over the structure of how this layout is built, along with some specific tips on how to edit it in certain ways.

Hopefully soon enough I'll get the blog up and running and linked to this page so you can check it out, there's even a Guestbook!!

So what exactly do I do here

Honestly I don't really know, My blog is just a dumping ground for my random ass thoughts, you might enjoy it you might not

There might be some poetry, if there is be careful, I can get a bit emotional so if your in the same place as me it might not be an amazing thing to read, or it might be relatable, I also have a Tumblr blog talking about some weird excperieances I had Venturing into the Dream Kingdom You might want to check it out